Accomplished Projects
With Government Funding
1. Intervention Study to Improve Reproductive and Child Health in Rural Populations of West Bengal, using Bio-cultural Approach. Click to view
2. IT Project  (2005-2008)  WBSAP&CS. Click for pictures.
With Foreign Funding
1. SRIJAN (Partnership District) (2001-2007) SIDA-CINI
2. Capacity Building through Decorative Candle making Vocation in three districts of West Bengal  ( 2009-2011)   UPS FOUNDATION, USA. Click for pictures.
Non-Funded Projects
1. Campaigns(Campaign on equal rights of women, dalits and disabled, World Social Forum 2004
2. Violence Against Women. Click for pictures.
3. Community Mobilization to Strengthen Health System in Kaukepara (2002-2005)
4. Self Help Promotion and bank linking for micro finance (2008-2010)
5. ANTOMORJADA – dignity of the woman (2009 2010). Click to view
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