The Organization
School of Human Genetics and Population Health is  located in Shyambazar, Kolkata, West Bengal, India. The organization was registered under the Societies Registration Act 1961, as a non-governmental and non-profit entity in 1993.  The primary objective being  Research, Teaching, Training, Awareness with the essential health message to prevent disease and deformity thus leading to sustainable development. Several aspects of healthy development such as environment, livelihood support, SHGs, Legal counselling, vocations, and education were included in the objectives of the Organization for holistic development.

Since Inception on 26th April 1993, the Genetic Counseling Unit with a Research Team of multi-specialty experts who have routinely counseled families with genetic disability. This center has helped parents and immediate care givers to make informed choice for the better management of the condition.  A linkage and referral services are provided with diagnostic laboratories, prosthetics and relevant support with governmental and private hospitals. The institute obtained the People with Disability Certificate on 10th March 2010.

SOHGAPH was established by Prof. D. P. Mukherjee in 1993, with a group of social workers, physicians and scientists, to address diseases and deformity in the perspective of medical genetics. Genetic Counselling in the individual and Genetic screening and detection  in the community. Prof. D.P. Mukherjee is proud to have worked with stalwarts like Roger Penrose Has no. of papers in national and international journals. He has guided, Ph.D.s and MDs, mentored scientists and researchers over 5 decades with serious students of the deciplines of heamatology, dermatoglyhics, growth and nutrition, menarcheal age, developmental genetics, inbreeding  and genetic counseling.

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